Immediately following successfully rescuing Woody, Buzz had been for the a great conditions which have Bo, as he served her experience of Woody

In Toy Story 2, Hype are demonstrated to assist Rex along with his video games and you can gives him easy methods to overcome Zurg. The guy also prompts him by the claiming “You are a better Buzz than simply I am.” When Woody is actually after kidnapped by Al McWhiggin, Rex accompanies Hype and also the other people, thinking their online game feel provides waiting your for real lifetime combat. While they are within the Al’s Doll Barn, Rex, like the other toys, mistakes Utility Strip Buzz toward actual Buzz but gets overjoyed if actual Hype meets up with her or him once more within the Al’s apartment. Rex create later on act as Buzz’s navigator after they hijack the fresh Pizza World Vehicle in pursuit of Al into airport, successfully having them toward airport, no matter if he has a tiny issues determining left and you may correct.

Slinky Dog

Identical to Rex, Slinky together with rest of Andy’s playthings were thinking about Buzz. He was stroking Slinky inside the song “Uncommon Something”. Slinky is actually alarmed whenever Buzz was occur to knocked-out the brand new windows by Woody but loyally stayed conscious towards nights in the an efforts to acquire him (even when no triumph) Worse, the guy fails to save yourself Hype and Woody away from Scud.

Within the Toy Tale 2, Slinky was revealed as much as discover Woody’s forgotten hat regarding Andy’s dog, Buster. Whenever Woody is actually later on kidnapped from the Al McWhiggin, Hype and also the help save party fool around with Slinky because a bungee cable so you’re able to springtime down and you may save yourself Woody. If they are into the Al’s Toy Barn, Slinky plus the other toys, error Electric Gear Hype into the genuine Hype but becomes overjoyed if the genuine Hype meets up with her or him once again when you look at the Al’s flat, and will get tap towards lead. Slinky took over the pedals once they hijack new Pizza pie World Truck in search of Al toward airport, successfully getting them on airport. The guy, Hype while the save class effortlessly conserved Woody and beat Stinky Pete, nonetheless were unable discover Jessie out from the bag.

Bo peep

When Bo peep found Hype shortly after Andy acquired him since a birthday present, she was content by the all the Buzz’s equipment and you can knowledge. Shortly after he performed a “flying” stunt, Bo proclaimed she need Hype to be her “moving buddy.” Buzz and you will Bo performed have a look on the amicable terms when he easily achieved a greatest reputation between Andy’s playthings. When Buzz made an effort to prevent Sid Phillips of damaging a fight Carl, Bo eliminated your, worrying having their coverage. Just after Buzz is actually eventually knocked-out the sack window, Bo did not blame Woody for it as the she believed your to be any sort of accident. Yet not, whenever she notices Woody holding Buzz’s cut sleeve, Bo screamed from inside the horror, convinced Buzz got killed. But when she sees Hype riding that have Woody with the Rc seeking to catch as much as the fresh swinging van, she try relieved and you can know Woody was advising the truth. Hype proceeded to keep family having Bo as he noticed her destination to help you Woody.

For the Doll Story dos, Hype proceeded to keep friends that have Bo. Before you leave to go help save Woody away from Al McWhiggin, Bo provides Buzz a kiss into cheek to have Woody, which Hype awkwardly claims the guy wasn’t sure it can feel the same providing Woody the kiss.

Prior to Doll Facts step 3, Hype worked as well as Bo so you’re able to save your self Remote controlled through the good thunderstorm. not, when Bo is sold and you will purchased by the a buyer, Buzz was devastated observe their close friend recinded.

For the Toy Facts cuatro, she actually is excited observe your once again. They propose to do a recovery mission. After they fail, Buzz agrees but decides to return to Bonnie. After reuniting once more, the guy appetite your to stay with her plus they share one history goodbye.

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